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hakura-lives has started a donation pool!
117 / 1,000
:icondragonhiplz: Hello my fellow watchers and veiwers to my DA page. I've deciced to open up some point commissions.


1.) you must message me or note me first , and give me specific info on your commission.

2.) Link me pictures or ideas that you want

3.) Depending on the situation I will not start to draw you're picture unless you've already paid for what you want. If you don't have the points exactly at that point you wish to commission me tell me and i will start it, but the drawing will not get posted until your payment has been paid.

4.) Please do not get rude or snotty with me because i will stop the commission completely >C Or take as long as i want drawing it out.

5.) I have a busy schedule so please be patient with me on time, school is a total pain in the rear I'm currently looking for a job and have to get ready for a black belt test.

6.) I will not draw Porn or anything crappy like that, no matter how much you wish to pay me! >C so don't even ask me!

7.) Once the picture is drawn and posted i will send you the link. :meow:


Custom character designs (depends on the pattern design and species) 10-50

A sketch of a Character with no background= 15 points

A Full-color Character with no background = 25 points

A Character sketch with background= 30 points

Full-color Character with background= 50 points

Chibi character sketch with no background= 10 points

Colored Chibi character with no back ground= 15 points

Sketch page with characters in traditional drawing will be= 10 points

Traditional drawing with detailed character will be= 15 points

Group traditional drawing will be= 25 points

Traditional drawing Character with background (depending on background) can be= 20-50 points

Color with traditional drawings will cost= 20 more points

With each added character is and additional 5 points

Please be specific on the back grounds you want ;A; or send me a picture please. AND GIVE ME REFERENCES OF YOU CHARACTERS!! XD i need to see what they look like, because it's really hard when you just tell me.

But if you wish for me to draw you a custom be very specific with all details!

Also please be patient with me about time! ;A; Thank you!

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.:PC Ravenwolfstar711:. by hakura-lives
.:PC Ravenwolfstar711:.
:dummy: This is a Point Commission :iconravenwolfstar711: asked for me to do of one of their characters. ^^; Their name escapes me at the moment, but I up graded it from a sketch to a flat color for you :D So I hope you enjoy how they came out~!   


 Please note my Point Commissions and Art-trades are being closed until I finish the rest of the projects I'm currently working on are completely finished. :) Thank you and have a great rest of your day~! 
.:Slender Character Ref:. by hakura-lives
.:Slender Character Ref:.
Slender (c) :iconkitsuneflame78: 

Here's another Sin~ This here is Slender everyone. I can't begin to tell you all how much I love and adore this character, kitsune did a wonderful job creating him. Since Slender is not my character kitsune will be coming in later and place his bio up for you guys so you can get to know him a bit better. :meow: 

:iconeyesplz: (btw this specimen here is my favorite in the whole group of characters for Corrupted Salvation) *Gets shot* 

Name: Slender
Nickname: ----
Species: Striped Hyena
Sin: Sloth
Power(s): Shadows/Nightmares
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Fur Color(s): Navy blue, Dark blue, Blue grey and Grey
Eye Color(s): (r) white, (l) red (clouded)
Claw color: White
Family: OFF (father/unknown), Dreaming Mary (mother/deceased) 
Theme Song: "Dance with the Devil" - Breaking Benjamin…

Other Info: 
- Completely blind due to the heavy scarring over his eyes
- Large scar over his chest and belly
.:Violin Art-Trade:. by hakura-lives
.:Violin Art-Trade:.
Sorry this took for ever for me to finish!!! This is my part of an art-trade I with :iconskoonzlove7: and they asked me to draw their character Violin, he was a blast to draw by the way~!

 QAQ but I hope you like how he came out~!!!!
.:Street-Fighter Character Ref:. by hakura-lives
.:Street-Fighter Character Ref:.
Name: Street-Fighter
Nickname: Street
Species: Dire-Grey Wolf
Sin: Greed
Power(s): sonic sound waves 
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Fur Color(s): Smokey Black, Medium Grey, Grey, Grayish Pink, Tanish grey
Eye Color(s): (r) light grey, (l) red
Claw color: White
Family: Cricket (older cousin) 
Theme Song: "Church" by T-pain ->…

Other Info: 
.:Casimir-RS:. by hakura-lives
Name: Casimir
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 2.01
Color: Catawaba
Type: Pure Dark 
Ability: Prankster
Nature: Quirky
refer to app please 
Natural:  Thunder Bolt, Double Team, Agility, Discharge
Special: Defense Curl, Reflect
Type Attribute: Taunt, Night Slash, Torment, Dark pulse


-Messing with Pokemon (pulling off jokes, taunting, or pulling other’s strings)

-Being manipulative over others

- Loves loud beep boxy music

- Training by himself or with others


-Hanging out with his older cousin Fenrir


-being out in daylight over an extended amount of time without shade. (5 hours is the limit)

-when other Pokemon judge him by being a dark type. 

-getting upset in general

-Bright lights (they hurt his eyesight)

-Being asked about his past

-Anyone touching his skull or asking about it.

Casimir is a rather rambunctious raichu who usually causes a bit of havoc where ever he goes. He truly means well; or most of the time anyways. It’s naturally difficult for him to interact normally while with others. What he usually does is pull tricks or taunts others to get to know them; in other words he’s seen as a jerk by most due to this behavior. But that is not at all his intentions to come off that way. He’ll become frustrated at random times with others or with himself when they don’t understand and will then prefer to be left alone for awhile. He also has a strong spirit and won’t run or back away from a fight until either he walks away or is left out-cold.

Casimir usually tends to steer away from questions about his past, but it is known that he was a single child and grew up with his cousins for a short amount of time before his family moved away in search for a better area to live in. From when his family left to the present date Casimir seals his lips and gets either extremely upset and run off or will quickly change the subject. All that is known is no ones seen his parents in over 14 years.

Fun Facts:
-Will not tolerate anyone who judges him for being a dark Pokemon, or seeing the sight of another getting picked on.

- Casimir has moments where he’ll suddenly zone completely out and ramble on creepily; usually happens if he’s under a great amount of stress. It’s best to leave him alone until he comes back too. Do not touch abruptly when he’s like this.

- His fur is moderately fluffy and extremely soft

-Wears bandages over his neck and shoulders, scars are laced underneath them so to avoid sunburn he covers them up. 

-Usually says things without thinking first (aka) his "taunting" or way of "getting to know you" 


Fenrir : Casimir's older cousin (More like brother) who he absolutely loves to death. Upon finding and joining Sun Clan Fenrir seemed to have instantly found him after 14 years of being apart. Fenrir is the one rai-chu Casimir can actually turn to if somethings up or bothering him but he keeps his past away from him still. It'd be wise to not intrude on their conversations for neither of them will take kindly to it. 

Faroe : is His younger Cousin

Miamora: Is His younger Cousin

(Still waiting)


(None yet) 






why hello random deviant~
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:icondummywooplz: Hello and Welcome to my DA page! :icondummywooplz:
:iconlawooplz: :iconlawooplz: :iconlawooplz: :iconlawooplz: :iconlawooplz: :iconlawooplz:

I do NOT draw requests!!!!

:dummy: i would love to do Art-trades with others :meow: I am also now doing Point Commisions!!
:iconepiclaplz: :iconepiclaplz: :iconepiclaplz: :iconepiclaplz: :iconepiclaplz: :iconepiclaplz:

These are people i care about on DA!
:iconsuperheroglompplz: AND I LOVE THEM TO DEATH!!! XD :iconsuperheroglompplz:
:iconfurryglompplz: :iconcookieglompplz: :iconpancakeglompplz: :iconredbullglompplz:

Friends i know and have met in Real life!! :D
My Epic DA friends!!
Check them all out! :D

:dummy: My Idols NOW GO WATCH~!!!


...Wink? o3e' by 10DaysRemain
If you know what I mean by nihilistic-hero
You be trollin'? :U by ChikitaWolf RDJ Maybe PLZ by Fe0
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Favourite genre of music: Rock, Country and Hip hop
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So I'm currently House-Sitting for a family friend who is Amazing because they're letting use their computer at home. But on a sad note my laptop is at home so i cannot get anything digital drawn at the moment. :C Depressing I know!

So I've been pondering this all last night to ask if any of you guys would be interested in Commissioning me for Sketch Page drawings of your characters? Since I have nothing to do here… :iconcraiplz: 

XD Don't worry my prices won't be sky rocketing threw the roof, I've placed them pretty cheaply. So Cheap Point Commissions!

:dummy: Here are my examples! 

*A signal character Sketch Small Page equals 5 points 

 The great and powerful Noxy by hakura-lives  Red Menace by hakura-lives What do you mean i've got to wait for Halloween? by hakura-lives .:You Dirty Bastards:. by hakura-lives
( Additional character(s) will cost 5 points each) -> Years of Silence by hakura-lives

*Small Sketch Page with Signal character equals 10 points 

Noxy sketches by hakura-lives Casimir Sketch page by hakura-lives New years revolution BROKEN by hakura-lives  Peekaboo Sketch page 2 by hakura-lives Cricket sketch page 7 by hakura-lives
(no additional characters)

*Small Sketch Page with Multiple characters 15 points

CS Character sketches by hakura-lives Hangman Cricket Sketch page by hakura-lives Uno and slender sketches 2 by hakura-lives Terraclan character Sketches 2 by hakura-lives

*A signal character Sketch Large Page equals 10 points

The Rabid Wolf by hakura-lives The Cornered Animal by hakura-lives

(additional character(s) will cost 5 points each) -> .:It's just one of those nights:. by hakura-lives

*Large Sketch page with signal character equals 15 points

Chomper Sketch page 4 by hakura-lives Uno Humility Rough draft ref by hakura-lives Some more Cricket Sketches by hakura-lives Li sketch page 8 by hakura-lives

(no additional characters)

*Large sketch page with multiple characters equals 20 points

Zizzle Sketch page 3 by hakura-lives Going out to Ice cream with friends by hakura-lives Gone canoeing with friends by hakura-lives
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Anyway thank you so much for the :+fav:!
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