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Headshots Colored
.:Happy Birthday Griwi:. by hakura-lives
.:Thank you:. by hakura-lives
.:3 Headshot PC: by hakura-lives
Colored Headshots are 30 points, and extra 5 if you'd like shading. (For extra character 5+ points, only 10 characters)
Chibi Sketch no background
.:Cooper Sketch PC:. by hakura-lives
A chibi sketch will be an outline drawing of the character with a grey (or color wished) background. No Shading. (Extra characters 10+, only 4 extra's allowed)
Colored Chibi character no back ground
.:Amyluver89 PC:. by hakura-lives
.:Bun commission 2-4:. by hakura-lives
Colored Chibi character with no Background will have shading included. (15+ Points per extra Character, 4 etxras allowed.)
Full Body Color No background
.:Ludiiicrous PC 3:. by hakura-lives
.:Ludiiicrous PC 2:. by hakura-lives
.:Ludiiicrous PC 1:. by hakura-lives
A One Character of a Full Body No Background, can be of any creature, be it human, animal, alien, etc. Will be fully drawn and shaded on Micro-soft Paint. (Extra characters are 20 points more per character, limit per extra characters is 4 before it will be announced a separate fullbody) 
Full-color Character with background
.:Lets break the rules about ACT UR AGE:. by hakura-lives
.:Call me Maybe?:. by hakura-lives
.:Say Good-Night Ashfur:. by hakura-lives
Full-color character with Background will be 200 points or higher depending on what you are planning on having me draw out for the back ground. (25 +points for any extra characters. Only 4 extra's allowed)
Custom character designs
.:Mouse girl custom PC:. by hakura-lives
Demon Lord Contest by hakura-lives
.:Cricket Character Ref:. by hakura-lives
Custom Character Designs can range from 150 points to 300 depending on the character.


hakura-lives has started a donation pool!
139 / 1,000
:icondragonhiplz: Hello my fellow watchers and veiwers to my DA page. I've deciced to open up some point commissions.


1.) you must message me or note me first , and give me specific info on your commission.

2.) Link me pictures or ideas that you want

3.) Depending on the situation I will not start to draw you're picture unless you've already paid for what you want. If you don't have the points exactly at that point you wish to commission me tell me and i will start it, but the drawing will not get posted until your payment has been paid.

4.) Please do not get rude or snotty with me because i will stop the commission completely >C Or take as long as i want drawing it out.

5.) I have a busy schedule so please be patient with me on time, school is a total pain in the rear I'm currently looking for a job and have to get ready for a black belt test.

6.) I will not draw Porn or anything crappy like that, no matter how much you wish to pay me! >C so don't even ask me!

7.) Once the picture is drawn and posted i will send you the link. :meow:

Please be specific on the back grounds you want ;A; or send me a picture please. AND GIVE ME REFERENCES OF YOU CHARACTERS!! XD i need to see what they look like, because it's really hard when you just tell me.

But if you wish for me to draw you a custom be very specific with all details!

Also please be patient with me about time! ;A; Thank you!

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  • :iconnomena-alrina:
    Donated Aug 18, 2015, 8:29:34 AM
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    Donated Jan 18, 2015, 9:09:44 PM
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    Anonymous Deviant
    Donated Jan 18, 2015, 9:08:46 PM
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    Donated Dec 11, 2014, 4:11:15 PM
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    Donated Jan 3, 2014, 11:02:26 AM
  • :iconkatzefisch:
    Donated Dec 28, 2013, 10:07:50 AM
  • :iconechovisu:
    Donated Dec 17, 2013, 11:01:43 PM
  • :iconmssilvs:
    Donated Sep 22, 2013, 4:31:52 PM
  • :iconlberry1976:
    Donated Mar 26, 2013, 8:01:09 PM
  • :icondagneo:
    Donated Nov 23, 2012, 12:04:44 PM


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Open PComms by Enjoumou Hold Trades by Enjoumou Closed Collabs by Enjoumou Closed Requests by Enjoumou

A little thing you must know about me is I'm crazy over Collabs and Art-trades.

If you are interested in doing any of these two things, either send me a message or a note and ask if you can do one with me. But you have to read these rules before you send me a message. Unless you are a close friend, truly active watcher, or I go to you, I WILL NOT RESPOND until you follow the rules.


-I will only draw 1-2 characters. If I draw two you have to draw two in return as well. I’m tired of having to draw two+ characters when in return you will only draw one. There’s no fairness what-so-ever right there.

-We will decide on what to draw from the start. So if we each decide to draw one character each, then you suddenly draw a second character I didn’t ask to be drawn and ask me to draw two in return, Sorry no, I won’t do it. I don’t want to deal with these kinds of things anymore.

-If you draw a Fullbody, I will draw a fullbody. You draw a headshot or bust, I’ll do the same as well. I will only draw a background if I’ve seen you’ve drawn one as well. If you don’t, don’t expect me too. Also I will only shade my half once I have seen that you have shaded yours as well. I want our parts to be more or less equal so the both of us feel like the Trades were excellent ones!

-I am not looking for icons here, I mostly am looking for Fullbodies, Headshots, or Bust shots.

-state the word LATEX in your comment when you message me about an art-trade, that will show you took the time to read this. If NOT I will ignore your message.

- Your art skills don't matter, just follow these rules and don’t be scared to ask. I don’t bite. ;3

-My part will be digital and drawn on Micro-soft Paint, like most of my artwork you can find in my gallery. Your half can be digital or traditional, which ever you’re most comfortable with.

-I am now expecting your half to be finished FIRST. I’m tired of getting ripped off by people who want free art, it’s called a trade-collab for a reason and I expect to receive my half. Once you’ve uploaded your half and sent me a link, I will see what you’ve done and will do the same in return on the line art I’ve already made.

- Don't ask for an art trade if you're too busy/unmotivated to get it done, or unsure about whether you can make it.

- My part might take a while, but I'll do my best not to let you wait too long.

I support Hakura-lives stamp by KitsuneFlame78

Here's some Youtube Video's with my art in them which were made by wonderful watchers!………………

Current Residence: The United States
Favourite genre of music: I personally enjoy music that makes me dance but I like all sorts of genres.
Favourite Band: Marianas Trench shortly followed by Maroon 5 and Ke$ah
Favourite style of art: I don't necessarily have a favorite style, I do know I''m not a fan of modern art.
Operating System: My Phone or laptop and I draw with my laptops touch pad
MP3 player of choice: Apple
Wallpaper of choice: My Wallpapers currently the black screen of death.
Favourite cartoon character:My favorite cartoon character of all time is Bruce Banner- Hulk or Deadpool
Favorite Movie: "Avengers" or "The Blind Side"
Personal Quote: Bite me by Mary~


.:Fire Agate:. by hakura-lives
.:Fire Agate:.
Name: Fire Agate
Nickname: ???
Parents: Rarity and Spike
Sibling(s): Jade
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Cutie Mark: N/A
Other: Unlike his mother and sister who are into fashion and prettying ponies up, Fire Agate loves to get down and dirty with fire, coal and metal work. He creates armor-weapons with his fire for the royal guards all across equestria. He takes on more of his father’s genes and has more of a dragon-like appearance than pony. He’s also larger than the average male pony (size big mac) and his tail makes him longer in length. He’s mainly laid back and wants to enjoy himself, and doesn’t wish to get worked up over stress. He dislikes when ponies are being rude to others and doesn’t mind acting like a dragon to get them to behave. As for his horns, he carries some magic but not even to create spells.
Theme Song: "Hey soul Sister" by Train


Fire Agate c) belongs to Hakura-lives

MLP c) Belongs to Hasbro Studios

Hakura-lives do not steal, trace, recolor, use my character(s) in anyway, or post my art anywhere without my permission.
.:Prince Venus:. by hakura-lives
.:Prince Venus:.
Name: Venus
Nickname: Wittle Wizard
Parents: Princess Cadence and Shining Armor
Sibling(s): Eros, Aphrodite, and Cupid
Gender: Colt
Age: 8
Cutie Mark: N/A
Other: This spunky young colt has a nack for story telling which goes great with his wild imangination. He's rather adventurious and can often found roaming  somewhere in the Crystal Empire getting himself into trouble. Venus has proclaimed that he'll become the next great wizard of his time and teach all ponies who wish to become great magicains; but for now all he wishes is to play his heart out before he dives into a lifetime of studying. 
Theme Song: "Levels" By Nick Jonas ->…


Venus c) belongs to Hakura-lives

MLP c) Belongs to Hasbro Studios

Hakura-lives do not steal, trace, recolor, use my character(s) in anyway, or post my art anywhere without my permission.
.:Little Apple Fritter:. by hakura-lives
.:Little Apple Fritter:.
Name: Little Apple Fritter
Nickname: Little Fritter or Fritter
Parents: Applejack and Trender Hoof
Sibling(s): Noble Cider
Gender: Mare
Age: 17
Other: As a tomboy at heart this little filly doesn't care to get her hooves dirty. Depsite her tiny stature Little Fritter is an average hardworking pony and will always get the job done. Since she was tiny filly, little fritter has always pulled her weight around on the Apple Acers farm. Now that she's older Fritter wants to branch out from her family roots and become apart of the Royal Gaurd and sevre Equestria.

Theme Song: "Part of Me" by Katy Perry ->…


Little Apple Fritter c) belongs to Hakura-lives

MLP c) Belongs to Hasbro Studios

Hakura-lives do not steal, trace, recolor, use my character(s) in anyway, or post my art anywhere without my permission.
.:Princess Aphordite:. by hakura-lives
.:Princess Aphordite:.
Name: Aphordite
Parents: Shining Armor and Princess Cadence
Sibling(s): Eros, Cupid and Venus
Age: 17
Gender: Mare
Cutie Mark: Bleeding Heart badge w/ a star-purple heart in the center
Other: Aphrodite is a sweet-kindhearted pony, who loves to gossip about ponies falling in love and helping others find their perfect match. She has a natural gift of finding-creating love for others but when someone shows affection towards her she's a complete ditz and won't notice she's being flittered with until a few hours after it happened. If she's not creating love for others, she's usually off singing somewhere in the Crystal Empire or at her personal garden where she grows a wild arrangement of flowers.
Theme Song: "Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast" ->…


Aphordite c) belongs to Hakura-lives

MLP c) Belongs to Hasbro Studios

Hakura-lives do not steal, trace, recolor, use my character(s) in anyway, or post my art anywhere without my permission.
.:Heliacal Character Study:. by hakura-lives
.:Heliacal Character Study:.
To tell you guys the truth before I came up with Heliacal's final digital form I had drawn  tons upon tons of sketches of him throughout my sketchbooks and across my college homework until I finally fell in love with his current design before you. He's one of the few characters so far that completely thought out. Besides Zizzle he's going to one of the top characters I'm going to have fun playing with and showing you more on him, or what I can :D I don't want to give out any spoilers~!


Heliacal c) belongs to Hakura-lives

Tao c) Belongs to KitsuneFlame78

Princess Celestia, Discord and MLP c) Belongs to Hasbro Studios

Hakura-lives do not steal, trace, recolor, use my character(s) in anyway, or post my art anywhere without my permission.
.:Ask Corrupted Salvation 2:. by hakura-lives
.:Ask Corrupted Salvation 2:.
If you'd like to get to know our Sin characters more from "Corrupted Salvation," feel free to ask any sort of question to them here or on this page. -> I had a blast drawing this response out and love to do more in the future. Personally because I'd love to show you these characters more in depth and have myself grow comforatble drawing them all out since I haven't drawn them lately. :)

:dummy: And thank you Kechuppika  for asking a question and yes your question was excellent~! Kitsune and I got more into depth on candyland and we both enjoyed coming with her answer (:iconohohoplz: and who she might share with since she's the sin of Gluttony~)  I hope you enjoy your response~

Candyland c) Belongs to KitsuneFlame78

Chomper and Street c) belong to Hakura-lives

Hakura-lives do not steal, trace, recolor, use my character(s) in anyway, or post my art anywhere without my permission.
Children of Chaos by hakura-lives
Children of Chaos
Over the winter break I was playing around with sketching the anatomy differences between the royal children kitsune and I had for our Discord-Celestia next gen. We're still working out how all our next gen will mix and behave around one another but we're getting close to perfecting these three siblings. I plan to have a colored height sheet further down the line with this family and maaaaaybe the other mlp next gen families, we'll have to see what my schedules like down the line. ;) *Searching for Jobs plus dealing with classes again for the next three months*

Hope you all enjoy~!


Tao c) belongs to KitsuneFlame78

Heliacal and Machiavellian c) belongs to Hakura-lives

Princess Celestia, Discord and MLP c) Belongs to Hasbro Studios

Hakura-lives do not steal, trace, recolor, use my character(s) in anyway, or post my art anywhere without my permission.
I regret nothing 4 by hakura-lives
I regret nothing 4
Okay I was Wrong, I thought the last I Regret Nothing was the oldest sketch page of the corrupted salvation characters hiding deep within my folders. NOPE I was wrong! I drew this all the way back near the begining September when I was trying to figure out how my tablet-art programs worked on my computer XD That's why no ones colored in or has their full design on them. :icondummyplz: Anyway I'm tired so here's more slender and chomper! I believe the next one will be of peekaboo and hangman or I don't know we'll have to wait and see night everyone!


On a side note most of the sketches or the pages that are currently are in storage are for kicks and won't ACTUALLY happen... :iconeyesplz: or maybe they will~ I'll certainly be throwing some troll moves on you guys, be it deaths, story plots, character roles and also crack-ship-otp pairings me a kit have come up with the characters >D you'll have to guess until we start uploading the comic whats actually true or which ones aren't~ :icontrollfaceplz: Hope you all enjoy~

Slender c) belongs to KitsuneFlame78ƒ

Chomper  c) belongs to hakura-lives

Hakura-lives do not steal, trace, recolor, use my character(s) in anyway, or post my art anywhere without my permission.
.:PC Headshot Nero:. by hakura-lives
.:PC Headshot Nero:.
:dummy: This here is a point commission made by Pirate-Skunk They asked for a headshot of their character Nero blushing and I couldn't say no, he was too cute when they sent me links of him. I actually was really close to finishing him around 4 am this morning QuQ but I passed out once my parents messaged me they got home from the air port and that there would be no college today (hooray~!) but I've been on the couch for like twelve-thirteen hours. XD my body complete logged off today, I sadly needed it though ^^; now's like 6:20 ish pm and I'm running all over the house with cabin fever.

Thank you so much for commissioning me I hope you like how Nero came out~!! :dummy:

Nero c) Pirate-Skunk

Artwork drawn by Hakura-lives

This is only for Pirate-Skunk to use as they please!
Old Uno Sketch Character Study by hakura-lives
Old Uno Sketch Character Study
I was playing around with Uno's design a while back and ended up with all these shetches of her. She's still got her wild hair with the crazy amounts of purple against white but her fur designs going to change. Or at least it will once I get her new ref up which will be a good while.

Colleges starts up tomorrow or Wenesday it all depends on if the snow and ice melting away here. Point is I won't be posting art up as much as I'd like for the next few months again. :)

Uno c) belongs to Hakura-lives

Hakura-lives do not steal, trace, recolor, use my character(s) in anyway, or post my art anywhere without my permission.

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